Proven Methods.
We are guided by fundamental principles that inspire us in creating the application.

Fundamental Principles of Personal Finance Management:

  1. Pay off debts
  2. Pay yourself first
  3. Save half, spend half
  4. Prioritize expenses
  5. Continuously increase income
  6. Distinguish between real needs and mere wants


All the tools you can imagine for managing finances and budget planning in one place. It's simple and intuitive.


Customize budget

You can start with a default budget (a sample structure). But if you wish, you can create a completely customized structure for your budget. Define your own categories and subcategories of expenses. A well-prepared structure should align closely with your values and goals. In your household budget, you'll clearly see whether your plan—what you want to achieve—and the implementation—what you're actually doing—are consistent.

Interfejs aplikacji z funkcjami zarządzania celami finansowymi

Tracking Financial Goals

In the app, you can set your own financial goals. MoMoney will help you achieve them by monitoring your progress and keeping you informed along the way. Conscious financial management is all about setting and achieving goals. Start small, then work your way up. These smaller goals will help build the proper habits and foundations for the larger ones.


Hierarchy and Priorities

The budget structure has a two-level hierarchy and is also prioritized, meaning that categories/subcategories are arranged according to their importance/priority. At the top are the most important, and as you go down, they become less important. Life priorities can change, and the same goes for budget priorities. The user can change the position (priority) of categories/subcategories at any time. The MoMoney app allows for complete editing of the budget structure, including changing priorities.

And much more!

Quick Setup

To get started with MoMoney, all it takes is 5 minutes. Just provide your email address... and that's it. No need to fill out lengthy forms. No need to set up payments. Just provide your email address and you can start using the app.

Multiple budgets

The app allows you to add multiple budgets. Example budgets include: family budget, personal budget, vacation budget, sole proprietorship budget, and others.

Budget Sharing

You can use the app on your own. You can also share the budgets you create with your significant other, all under one subscription.

Your Net Worth

An extremely useful additional tool for managing your household budget. List all your assets (both income-generating and non-income-generating) as well as all your liabilities. The difference between them will show you the actual size of your wealth.

Reports and Analyses

Visual reports help in drawing conclusions from the budgets you manage. They enable quicker analysis of expenses and income.


The budget can be managed in multiple currencies at the same time. As a user, you choose the main currency in which the budget is conducted. However, future transactions can be added in multiple currencies (the app automatically converts the value of the transaction to the main currency of the budget). Supported currencies are the US Dollar (USD), the Euro (EUR), the Polish Zloty (PLN), the British Pound (GBP), the Danish Krone (DKK), the Swedish Krona (SEK), the Norwegian Krone (NOK), and the Swiss Franc (CHF).

Transaction Splitting

MoMoney allows you to split a single transaction into multiple categories/subcategories. With the app, you can break down those long receipts into various expense categories. All of this is designed to help you best track your performance in your personalized categories.


MoMoney is a comprehensive, digital solution that allows users to easily and conveniently manage their personal finances.

In line with typical market practice for new Fin-Tech ventures, MoMoney's operations are being launched in phases, starting with basic services and then gradually expanding the range of services and functionalities. This approach allows for quicker deployment of essential services for you and ensures you have a better experience.


Our Services and Functionalities


Available Services and App Functionalities

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Budget - module for budget planning

Creating budget structure


Planning amounts for budget categories/subcategories


Tracking budget (plan) execution


Tracking goal(s) execution

Coming Soon

Budget sharing

Coming Soon

Multiple budgets

Coming Soon

Currencies (PLN, USD, EUR, GBP, DKK, SEK, NOK, CHF)


"Accounts" in the Budget module

Budget accounts

  • Settlement-Savings Account
  • Savings Account
  • Cash
  • Credit Card*


Credit accounts

Coming Soon

Asset accounts

Coming Soon

Transactions - module for tracking transactions

Manual transaction adding


Semi-automatic transaction adding - CSV file import

Coming Soon

Automatic transaction adding - synchronization with bank account

Coming Soon

Reports - module for viewing reports and analyzing plan and goal execution

Monthly report

  • expenses
  • cashflow
  • balance

Coming Soon

Yearly report

Coming Soon

Financial health

Coming Soon

Net worth

Coming Soon

Goals - module for defining and verifying goals



Set spending limit

Coming Soon

Target saving level/balance

Coming Soon

8 Steps to Financial Independence program

Coming Soon


Home Budget Challenge in a Week


Step-by-step Mortgage Loan

Coming Soon

Understanding Insurances

Coming Soon

Wealth Building

Coming Soon

Available Channels

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Web Application

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Brave, Edge


Mobile Application

Android Application

Coming Soon

iOS Application

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  • 09.2023By September 2023, adding functionalities:

    1) Facilitating and speeding up the process of adding transactions to the budget, including:

    • Import of CSV files from bank accounts,
    • Synchronization of the application with bank accounts. This service will operate based on the PSD2 Directive (Directive (EU) 2015/2366 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2015 on payment services in the internal market). According to this EU directive, banks are required to provide access to their customers' accounts to external entities. Of course, only with the customer's consent. The application will use the open banking service known as "AIS," which involves providing information about the account (transaction history and balance), without the ability to perform transactions.
    2) Budget sharing
    • The application allows the creation of multiple budgets (the number depends on the user's preferences). For instance, a user can create a family budget and share it with another person (spouse, partner, etc.).

  • 12.2023By December 2023, adding functionalities and additional modules to the application:

    1) Module: Reports/Analytics, within this module including:
    • Monthly report (1. expenses by category, 2. cashflow, 3. balance)
    • Yearly report (budget overview - income and expenses on an annual basis - each month + summary + % summary)
    • Financial health (consumer spending vs savings/investment spending)
    2) Module/Functionality: Financial Goals - setting and monitoring the achievement of goals and gamification tools (supporting and motivating users in goal achievement), including:
    • "Small goals" => building habits (1. set spending limit for a subcategory, 2. savings balance to achieve for a subcategory)
    • "Big goals" => wealth building, achieving financial independence and freedom
Interfejs użytkownika aplikacji MoMoney v1.0Interfejs użytkownika aplikacji MoMoney v2.0

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By joining now, you gain access to the product on favorable financial terms, and with each application upgrade, you'll receive new valuable functionalities that would otherwise come at a higher cost. As we introduce further updates and expand functionalities, the subscription price will increase. The initial price for the beta version is 0.99 USD/month or 9.99 USD/year. Eventually, the planned price will be higher. If an application upgrade occurs during your subscription period, it won't affect your subscription price.

By joining now and selecting the annual subscription, you secure a fixed price for the year. MoMoney services will never again be available at this price.


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